Lush Challenge 2016: 366 days of lush

Hello Everyone,


If you are reading this you will see I am doing  a year of lush challenge.

The reason I am doing this challenge is for my sister who passed away 8 years ago and was a blogger before me.  This was on her bucket list and one of the things she wanted to do the year she passed away.

To honor her I thought it was time to achieve her beauty blog dream of doing a year of lush.


Rules for the challenge:

  1. Every month you have to put 50 dollars. ( I am putting 100 dollars towards the challenge every month.)
  2. You must review on your blog all the lush products you finished.
  3. You must do a blog post on the 1st of every month to show what you bought for that month products.
  4. You have to finish everything that you bought the month before you use the next month products.
  5. All products must be the biggest that you can buy.
  6. All products can’t be in the same category.
  7. Must have a page dedicate to just this challenge.


So there we go. Hopefully I will be able to try and review at least 20 lush products.  Which is my goal.