Game review: Not A Normal Lost Phone

Hello Everyone and Happy Easter,


I bought this game for my birthday yesterday expecting a horror phone base game but got something quite different. If I knew what type of game it was. I won’t have bought and this is what researching a game before buying is all about. I am going to hang my head in shame.  So lets get started.


About the game:

It is a coming out story about a boy name Sam who wants to become a girl name Samira, Yes it is a transgender game.


My thoughts:

I had no idea when I was cruising the nintendo switch site that I was buying a LGQBT game.  Since it was not listed as a LGQBT on the site. To be honest I thought I was getting a horror are you there stalking your phone game. To my surprise it was not that.  It played for a hour when you find out what happen to Sam or Samira.

The graphics were great and I really don’t see how it will help trans people at all. But that is my thoughts.


Rating: I will give this game a solid 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Cost: 6.99 on Nintendo Switch


(Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all items in blog posts have been purchased by me for my personal use and not sent to me by companies for review)





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