Bi Weekly Empties #11 2017

Hello Everyone and New Followers,

(CF)= Cruelty Free

(BCF)= Batch Cruelty Free

(ETB)= Empty That Basket Challenge



Bath and Body Works Vineyard Champagne Kiss Body Spray (BCF): I am passing this along to my sister. The scent is too peachy for my liking. I love the body lotion in this scent not the body spray.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner (ETB) : I will not buy again.

Clear Scalp & Hair Shampoo For Dry Skin: It didn’t work all that well. I will not be rebuying.

Skintimate Shave Cream in Mandarin Burst: I will be rebuying this product.

Exact Aloe Hand Soap: My husband bought this for me and I will not be rebuying it.



Lens Cleaning wipes: I buy them all the time.

Scentsy Layers Enchanted Mist shower Gel: I didn’t enjoy the scent.

L.A.M.A. Soap Company Cherry Bomb Bubble Bar (CF): I will be rebuying this product when she has more in stock.

Aim Floss: I only buy this floss now.

Cuter Cuticles Barrier Butter (CF): I will rebuy this product but not in this scent.


Full Size: 119+10=129

Deluxe Size:40

Foil Size: 6

Total All Together:165

How many Cruelty Product:120

How many Batch Cruelty Free Product:5

How Many Cruelty Free Products:53

Empty That Basket:40-1=39


(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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