Weekly Book Wrap Up #1 2017

Hello Everyone And New Followers,

I have decide to do my book reading as a weekly wrap up.  I read 5 books last weeks. I will start with the lowest rating and worked my way up. So lets get started.


The Hidden Oracle By Rick Riordan

About the book:

Apollo ticks off Zeus again and from there it becomes a horrible book.

My thoughts:

It was a really badly written book. I dislike Apollo from the beginning and don’t think he should get a book series.

1 star


About the book:

There is a virus that causes lock in where they are forever trapped in their bodies but their minds are still there. With help of a robot body they live normal lives.

My thoughts:

I Dnfed it after about 200 pages and realized that it was not going to get any better story wise.

1 star


About the book:

Theo ‘s best friend was kidnapped but not kidnapped by anyone. She has to deal with her eating disorder  and the fact that her ex boyfriend kidnapped her best friend.

My thoughts:

This book would have been much better if it was a adult book. I also like to give a warning that this book has to deal with eating disorders and rape.

2 stars



About the book:

A book filled with short stories about Men and Women lives.


My thoughts:

A lot of the stories where bland to say the least. My fave. was Drive My Car.  Which was about a woman driver driving a actor to and from work.


3 stars




About the Book:

It tells the story of working on the Carol Burnett show and about how it got started, stories about the famous people who were guest and much more.


My thoughts:

I listen to this on audio and it was read by Carol Burnett herself. I felt she add a bit of herself that really made the book seem like you being right there with her.  I am going to be listening to her other books on Audio.

4 stars


(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)



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