Bi Weekly Empties #6 2017

Hello Everyone And New Followers,

I use quite a bit  of products this month. I discovered some new faves. this month and products I will never buy again. So lets get started.

(CF)=Cruelty Free

(BCF)= Batch Cruelty Free



Lens Cleaner Wipes: I am always going to rebuy this perfect for on the go.

Bath And Body Works Pumpkin Apple Cider Body Lotion(BCF): I will rebuy this scent if they bring it out next fall. It was the perfect balance of apples and Pumpkins.

Witchcraft Almond Cuticle Oil: I might rebuy. I am currently using Cuter Cuticle barrier.

London Drugs vitamin  E oil: No rebuy. After awhile it became like glue. I use this item to add vitamin e to my face lotions.

Cake Beauty Delectable Hand Cream in Lemon & Cream(CF): I will rebuy this scent in all the range. This scent was so yummy just like a lemon menagerie pie.

Jazzee Linen Spray in Fresh Linen scent:  I bought this from Dollarama and love it. The scent keeps for about a week. I change my bedding every week and spray this one. I find it works just as well as Febreze. I will be rebuy it.

Life Brand 3 blade razors: I will rebuy if I am traveling.

Ed Hardy Body Lotion in For women: I will not rebuy. The lotion was so sticky. I end up using if for a foot lotion.

Clean Clear Dual Action Moisturizer: I will not be rebuy. When I got half way through it started to have a off smell.

Arm & Hammer Advance Deodorant: I have rebought this item: My only beef is if you drop it product shoots up and gets the cap messy.

Exact Eye glass cleaner: Rebuy.

Luv Fresh Gel Crystals in Berry: This one had a really strong scent. I will rebuy this one.

Milk and Cookies Scented Soap: It smelled more like hot chocolate and gingersnap cookies to me.  I will rebuy it if they bring it out next christmas.



Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Hair mask(CF): I got this in a beauty box and might rebuy.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil: I won’t be rebuying.

Clinique Moisture Surge: Not enough sample to decide to rebuy or not.

The body Shop Frosted Berries Shower Gel(CF): I will rebuy next year.

Pantene Repair&Protect Shampoo: It just was shampoo to me. Nothing really special about it. Not rebuying.

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen: Not rebuy.

The Body Shop Frosted Berries Body Butter(CF): I will rebuy it next year.


Full Size: 50+13=63

Deluxe Size:12+6=18

Foil Size: 3+1=4

Total All Together:85

How many Cruelty Product:56

How many Batch Cruelty Free Product:3

How Many Cruelty Free Products:26

Three month percents

Cruelty products used: 66%

Batch Cruelty products: 0.03%

Cruelty Free Products:33.7%


(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)







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