Book Review: The Bronze Key By Holly Black And Cassandra Claire Book 3 Of The Magisteruim Series



About the book:

After doing something awesome in the past book. (No I am not going to tell you.) They get a award for being wait for it… legendary.  Not all is going well for Aaron and Call. Someone is trying to kill one of them. With the help of friends and frienemies. Will the crew be able to protect them?


My thoughts:

I didn’t feel that a whole year was experience in the book. I felt it was more like 3 weeks at the most at the school. I also found the book jumping around too much for my taste. I can understand this is a middle grade book but come on just add 50 more pages so that is doesn’t feel rush and sound like mush in my head while I am reading it.

There were certain parts of the book I enjoyed. I am sadly to say I think the story is going down in a hand bag from being awesome to a big let down.

I give this book 3 stars out 5 stars.

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