Samantha Talks: Nintendo Switch 100 Dollars More For Canadians

Hello Everyone,

This is my blog post for today. After seeing last nights switch event. I was going to buy one for my birthday which is March.31. After being a big fan of Nintendo after my bike accident. My parents went over the boarder to buy me a N64. So after that moment I have been I big Nintendo fan.

When they announced that North America price for the Nintendo switch was 299 dollars. I was excited. I thought yes this is the year I will be able to buy one out right. I had skip the wii U due to my father being sick and the cost of paid parking and gas cost kept me from buying any new systems and games. So when I went to pre order it this morning I saw a big increase in price from USA dollars to Canadian dollars. From 299 USA dollars to 399 Canadian dollars.  After seeing that have the 1000 dollars price range on the red and blue switch on ebay this morning from scalpers really got my goat.


299 USA Dollars at the moment = 325 Canadian Dollars. Why are we pay a extra 75 dollars for a system when we have to shell out 80 more dollars for one game?

I feel like Nintendo is boning us Canadians.

I will still buy a system. It won’t be this year. I decide to each month 20 dollars in a jar. I outright buy from a company that system cost world wide at 299 dollars or less.

One year I will owe it. Just not this year.

This is just my opinion.

Have a great weekend.

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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