Bi Weekly Empties #3 2016

Hello Everyone,

This is the last empties of the year.  I look forward to seeing what I finish next year.

(CF)= Cruelty Free

(BCF)= Batch Cruelty Free



Naturally Upper Canada Hand And Body Lotion Wild Blueberry Vanilla(CF): I will rebuy this if I see it on the ferry coming back from my in laws.

Lens Cleaning wipes: Yes rebuy.

Vanite  Apple Foam Bath: I will be rebuying this product. It provided a lot of bubble with a small amount used.

Ombra Spa Body Wash In Mandarin Grapefruit(CF): I will not rebuying this scent. I love the citrus and sage one more.

essence like the party of my life(CF):I will rebuy this if they every brought it back out. I love the perfume range from essence. I wish they would bring it out as a permanent collection.

Coni Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Black Mask: Yes I would rebuy it.



I love… Mango & Papaya Sugar Scrub: No rebuy.

BvSpa Pink Grapefruit Body Salt Scrub: I would rebuy this.  Here is my link to my product review Product Review: BVSpa By Bon Vital

Jergens Shea Butter Body Lotion: I think I will just buy the one from the body shop since its cruelty free. This product was great if you don’t mind animal testing.

The Body Shop British Rose Body Butter(CF): I use this once before it was kidnapped by my daughter and she loved it. I will be rebuying a bigger size.

Dove Deodorant in Peach: My husband bought this one for me. I will be rebuy it.

Montagne Hot Chocolate Clay Mask(CF): I will not be rebuying. The mask got everywhere when I was not using it. Turn my bathroom in to Willy Wonka’s chocolate river. I got 6 uses out of it.

Modere Night Cream for Combo Skin(CF): I will rebuy this product. It had a nice earl grey scent.

Vidal Sasson Moisture Shampoo: No rebuy.

Dove Regenerative conditioner: No Rebuy.

Eye Glass cleaner: Rebuy.



Matrix Biolage Colorlast Conditioner: No Rebuy.

Matrix Biolage Keratindose Shampoo and Conditioner: No Rebuy.

Glam Glow Super-mud clearing treatment: Might rebuy not too sure at the moment.


Full Size: 16+13= 29

Deluxe Size:6+3=9

Foil Size: 17+4=21

Total All Together: 59

How many Cruelty Product:43

How many Batch Cruelty Free Product:1

How Many Cruelty Free Products:14


Percentage for this year I use for cruelty products finished= 73%

Percentage for this year I use for cruelty free products Finished= 24%

Percentage for this year I use for Batch Cruelty Free Products: 3%


My goal next year is to get next year cruelty free products up to 75% of products I use.


(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)





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