Samantha Watches Jem And The Holograms Season One

Hello Everyone,

I am slowly getting back to the swing of watching movies and tv show. I have decide to change the formula from my norm for tv shows.  I will be adding a fave. episode and a least fave. episode. So there will be some spoilers for fave. and least fave. episodes. So lets get started.

About the series:

It is about Jerrica who has to fight for her father company by starting a band. She finds out that her father made Synergy, a high-tech computer that has the ability to generate holograms. So forming the band Jem and The Holograms set to take on Eric Raymond and the band The Misfits. To win Starlight records.

The series runs for 26 episodes.

My thoughts:

My fave. song of first season:  Click/Clash perfomed by Jem and the holograms and the misfits from episode 2.

My fave. episode is The Music Awards episode 2: My fave. part of the episode is when Pizzazz of the misfits at the end of the episode drops the music award. I think that is when she realizes that music awards are not everything.

My least fave. episode is Glitter And Gold: To me Jerrica/Jem acted like a child at the beginning of the episode.  When she found out that the Misfits might win the award for most sold records. Jem and the holograms decide to make a new record in two days.  So they enter the contest.  Who ever sell 500000 thousand records wins the award. So they get close and Rio decide to buy a record and the Jem and the holograms get to the 500000 thousand records but are discount cause Rio works for them. So sad Jem. So sad. Then the misfits sells 500000 thousand records first and jem and the holograms won’t have it cause the person bought both a misfits record and a jem and the hologram record. Alas Jem and the holograms runs out of records to sale. One of the starlight kids snatches Rio’s record and puts it back on the shelf and someone buys it and the holograms won the award.

To be honest the misfits should have won the award and not Jem and the holograms. The misfits were working hard on their record to do the award contest. Sure they gave people money to buy their records but music companies do the same thing today.

I give this season 3 stars out of 5 stars.

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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