Semi Annual Sale Bath And Body Works June 2016

Hello Everyone,

I decide to go to the semi annual sale at Bath And Body Works because they were bring back Cotton Blossom which is one of my fave. shower gel scents. I have one old bottle that I have been hoarding since 2013.

So my goal was to keep to my list.

I wanted to buy 10 body lotion/body creams, 3 shower gels in the cotton blossom scent, 1 fragrance mist and 3 hand creams.

What I end up with was 9 body lotion/body creams, 0 shower gels in cotton blossom, 1 fragrance mist and one hand cream.

Sadly my store didn’t bring cotton blossom. I ask the sales ladies if they had cotton blossom in the back. They said sorry but our store decide not to carry the cotton blossom scent due to it not being very popular. I was a disappoint person at that moment. That is the main reason I was going to shop at Bath and Body Works.

Even with the great disappointment. I still picked up some great products. The only scents I didn’t pick up was sweet pea and I only pick up one flash back scent since all they had left was the shower gels and no lotions or body creams. So lets get started.

I picked up seaside pink jasmine, endless weekend and Mediterranean blue waters in body lotions.

I picked up velvet sugar, dark kiss and be joyful in body lotion.

I picked up vineyard champagne kiss and tiki mango mai tai in body lotion.

I picked up sun ripened raspberry in body cream.

I picked up vineyard champagne kiss in the fragrance mist.

I picked up black cherry merlot in the hand cream.

That is all the product I picked up at the semi annual sale. I will be buying a couple of the summer scents in July like strawberry picnicked and summer marshmallow but after that I will wait to see what fall season will bring.

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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