Book Review: Shizzle Inc. By Ana Spoke

About the book:

Isa Maxwell has a money problem and need to become famous to win her boyfriend Brad. Who dumped her before Valentine’s day.  Isa Maxwell decides to apply to Shizzle Inc. after seeing a ad on tv for a new personal  assisted for the rich no rules billionaire. 


Which a wide range of love interests which one will Isa Maxwell choose?

Will the job at Shizzle Inc fall short or will she rise to the top?

My thoughts:

This book was a funny read and I honestly think that Isa is the one sane on in her family.  I am looking forward to the second book coming out next month based in India.


I really have nothing bad to say about the book.



I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 stars.



(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)




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