Winter Haul 2016 Part Two

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to all my new followers.
Sorry this post is late. My youngest daughter had a play date and we stayed longer then thought. I mean when a play date is fun for the kids as well as the parents. Both don’t wanted it to end.

So let on with part two of my winter haul.

The Body Shop


I picked up the Tea Tree toner. Which was reformulated and now has alcohol. Also their alcohol free toner the seaweed one. Also has alcohol. Yeah!! body shop for fing up a amazing product.  As you can tell I am not happy.




I picked up a Joe Fresh lipgloss set.




I picked up this apple bubble bath.




I picked up this Ed Hardy set in the scent  Femme.



I picked up this cute penguin cup. I have a weakness for black and white animals.

I picked up covergirl ready set gorgeous in fair. I hated this product. I will go into it in my empties for May.

Husband’s Dollarama Surprise



The night before new year’s eve. My husband surprise me with some awesome bath items. He know how hard the day after New year’s is for me. Since that is the day my sister passed away.




He got me this red bath mat to go in front of my sink in the bathroom.



He got me this three set of cherry blossom shower gel, bubble bath and lotion.



He got me two packages of my fave. cottton pads. You will see these in all my empties. As long as the dollar store carries these ones. I am buy.



He got me tea lights in pine scent.



He got me white tea and honey body lotion. You will see this in my may empties.



He got me white tea and honey body mist.



He got me white tea and honey body butter.



He got me orange blossom bubble bath.


Last item he got me white tea and honey shower gel.


I picked up this package of caramels to help support a children’s charity.

Upcoming blog post: Product Review Lush Cosmetics  The Kiss Lip balm.

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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