Winter Haul 2016 Part One

Hello Everyone,

Hello and welcome to my new followers.

Another season has come and gone. I am going to show you the goodies that I bought that didn’t come in the mail box. I have also broke it down to parts. How many I am not too sure yet. I bought a lot of items.   So lets get started.







I picked up these cute fuzzy socks from dollarama. One pair in blue and one in blue and white with hearts.








I picked up Lever 2000 in fresh rain shower gel x2.



I picked up Axe shower gel in Dark Temptations x2.


I picked up Nova Scotia Fisher man lip care in sea kelp


I picked up Project 7 gum in front porch lemonade. This gum is sour and yummy.


This gum goes to teaching.

I picked up these cute Christmas ankle socks.


I picked up exact kids detangler in pear. This product is aweful.


I picked up Maybelline clear mascara.


I picked up the fat girl bliss cosmetics set at Winner’s for 20 dollars. It came with a scrub, after shower cream and  night time sleep cream.

Bath And Body Works


I picked up three fragrance minis in the scents a thousand wishes, be joyful and jingle all the way.



Urban Behavior




I picked up these cute holiday sock with a penguin and snowman.

I picked up Jasmine and green tea facial wipes.

Hot topics


I picked up this Neverland pocket mirror.


I picked up these rebel star wars earrings.


I picked up this red wallet for card and membership that are for the mall.



I picked up the mini charity pot lotion.


I picked up Santa lip scrub.

I picked up a pair of ickle baby bot bath bombs.

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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