Stand Alone Review: The Pearl That Broke Its Shell By Nadia Hashimi

Hello Everyone,

First before I get to the book review. I want to say hello and welcome to my new followers. I appreciate you taking the time and following me.

About the book:

It follows two characters Rahima who becomes a boy for her family and then is sold off in marriage at the age of 12 years old and how she deals with her life.  Then it follows Rahima’s grandmother Shekiba who goes through the same thing but in a different time.

My thoughts:

I like how similar both stories were but with a bit of a twisted. I feel this book looks at womens right back then in Shekiba time and Rahima time. Showing no matter how much time has gone by not much has changed in  Afghan for women. This book makes me really appreciate that I can vote or that I have a big say in what goes on in my life as a women. 

I give this book 3 stars out of 5 stars.
(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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