Samantha Talks About Authors And Youtubers Book

Hello Everyone,


It has come to my attention in the book community and on YouTube that Bloombury has team up with authors and Youtubers to write a anthology coming out in summer of 2017.







Where authors authors write the story and Youtubers write a essay all base on villain. One author and one Youtuber will be paired up together.


Now here  is my problem with it. It feels like a cash grab. It was announced this month that the book is being publish next year. Not by the Bloomsbury but by the Youtubers who are working on it. I see dollar signs in your furture Bloomsbury.

Some of the Authors are booktubers who have not written a book.So this is the first time being published.

I think my main problem is why get booktubers to write essays. It seems a bit collage/high school to me. Why not pair them up to write one side as the hero and the other side as the villian. I am sure after I post this the company will steal my idea but those are the breaks of being on social media.

I also feel that book companies and using YouTube as a way to make money just look at girl online by Zoe Sugg which was ghost written and everyone ran to buy it.

There I am sure so many amazing authors who have yet t be discovered why not publish them and not booktubers. I am sure there is some great books that booktubers will write one day.

I am sure if the company held a contest yearly just like viz media did a few years back when they were looking for new talent. It is thanks to that we have Scott Pilgram Vs. The World.

Before I go I want to say the title is great. For people who dislike the book. Because you love to hate us.

So I am going to end things here. Will I buy the book? Nope.

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)










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