Samantha The Gamer: Spring Games Haul 2016

Hello Everyone,
I stock up on game for traveling. So I bought more then I normally buy. One of the games I got for my birthday. So lets get started.

First game I bought was bookstore dream. Have you ever dream of owning your own bookstore? Well now you can with Bookstore Dream. You build your bookstore to the way you like it.  Get authors to come and do book signings. Restock books manually or auto. This game last for 99 days till you reach the goal of 1 million dollars on hand and contracts with 8 publishing company with you reputation with them at max and 100 percent loyalty from customers.

It is quite a challenging game but a fun one.

Second game I bought was Citizens of Earth. This game is a rpg where you run around as the vice president of Earth. You don’t fight as the vice president in the rpg cause you are too awesome to do it. You get your mother and brother and people in your town to do the dirty work for you. With a range of interesting playable characters and their different special abilities.  Make for some crazy awesome time.

Third game I bought was Pokemon Red. A classic in it’s own right. I was about 14 years old when it came out. I saw that they brought it out for their 20 year anniversary.  I knew I had to have it.  This game is a rpg you have to collect all the pokemon but wait there are 150 pokemon in all. You also have to fight random people, gym leaders for badges, team rocket and your rival what every that guys name is again.

Fourth game I got is Lego Harry Potter years 5-7. I think this follows Harry Potter through years 5 to 7. I am not really sure since I never played a lego game. I know that is a crime in it’s self. I could not find year 1 to 4 but I will keep my eyes out for it.

I got this game from the wonderful man I call my husband. He got this for my birthday and I am loving it. I will not go into too much details but its legend of zelda meets dynasty warriors. Yeah.


fifth and sixth games I bought are Lego Batman one and two. The reason I bought them cause he is batman and I have a love for DC comics being the first comics my corner store growing up carried. I didn’t know about marvel till we moved and there was a comic book store that carried everything. It was wonderful.

seventh game I bought was The Legend of  Zelda Ocarina of Time. I was super excited when this game came out for the 3ds. This game is one of my faves. and the first game me and my sister who passed away that we beat together without fighting. The first half of the game follows young link and the second half follow link all grown up. Beware that the water temple is still the hardest on to beat.

Final game I bought was Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns. I bought this game when it was 60% percent off. I was thinking to myself when was the last harvest moon game you bought and it was Harvest Moon Cutie for the DS.  This game you can raise animals and grow crops but each town offers something different. You have to bring the towns together by cooking.




(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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