Product Review: SoakItCanada Sugar Scrub In Birthday Cake

Hello Everyone,

So every year I try to buy something in the birthday cake scent for my birthday. I am not much of a cake eater. So having the scent is the second best thing for me.


I place a order in February with SoakItCanada which is a Canadian Etsy brand. I recieved the products in March and love them.


Yes, I order not one but four sugar scrubs which I am in love with sorry Lush. Before I get too excited I am going to post the images of the product.



 The ingredient list.

 What the front label looks like.

 I am almost to the white level after using it every second shower.

 The scrub has some cute colorful bead which I am pretty sure are colored sugar crystals.

My thoughts:

This product is amazing. It smells more like the frosting on the cake then the cake it’s self but I love it. You only need to use a dime amount for each body part to get a great scrub. I recommend this product for people looking for a sugar scrub that is not too sticky.

After using this product for two months. My skin has never looked better.  I will be rebuying this sugar scrub and looking into other products from this company.


Also a big bonus is this company is all vegan and vegetarian friendly and cruelty free.


I give this product 5 omg out of 5 omg.  This product is too good for just 5 star rating.
If you are interested in this company here is the link to check them out.  SoakItCanada

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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