Samantha Talks: CND Pros And Bloggers Drama

Hello Everyone,

For the past few days this topic has been eating me up inside and I hoping I would be able to move on without doing a Samantha talks blog but it keeps getting worst and worst.

My first problems is pros and bloggers attack each other on social media. Pros you one time I am sure you ran or had a blog or another social media where you shared your love for beauty products. Bloggers I am sure you will one day become a pro or are currently going to school for a beauty degree.

I found the main problem is that the company CND went after the bloggers saying it was their fault for their not being enough kits for pros. CND  as a company I think its time to put on your big pants and admit that you were not clear with

if you didn’t notice that most of the pros who paid money to take your course and promised to only sale your polish in their salons where one time bloggers themselves.

You should have just got the bloggers to send back the pro kits and send them the vinylux kits. Then there would have been no need to bash anyone and they would both have been happy.

I know this doesn’t affect me cause I am not a big nail polish blogger. Due to time restrictions but when I have time to do my nails. I love to share it on instagram and let the world know that I painted my nails.

As a small blogger I appreciate companies and pr firm reaching out to me with products to try and review.  This makes my day knowing even as a small blogger I matter.

My feelings for this is that if pros and bloggers don’t support each other.  Then  companies win and can treat whomever they like as garbage and that our opinions as consumers don’t matter.

Thank you for taking the time to read. You matter.




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