Samantha Talks: My Experience With Makeup Revolution London

Hello Everyone,

I am here to talk about my experience with shopping with Makeup Revolution London. I am sure you are saying to yourself but Makeup Revolution was in not in the my fall haul. I was ordering for two birthdays.

One was order and shipped in November and December of 2015.  One was for worldwide and one was for London.   When I was making the order for the first one I got a sick feeling in my stomach when pressing confirmed.  I just thought I was nervous when dealing with a new company.

So anyways times has pass and nothing came for either of them so I was okay. That is understandable. It being Christmas time. So I contact the customer service when I notice that one of the tracking I got was wrong and didn’t work on UK postal online.  So I contacted Makeup Revolution customer service to see what was going on. So I wait seven days and hear nothing back. I am the most patience person when it comes to products I pay for but I have enough of being ignored for seven days with no real answers.So I posted on their facebook page. About where my items are and where is the real tracking number. They told me to contacted their customer service. Which I did again and didn’t get any real answers from them.

So I called my bank about the issue. I told them all I wanted was for the people who I order for to get their birthday gifts.  So the next day my wonderful mother in law called me to see if I was okay. She said she wondering if the company got back to me about the issue. She has plenty of things to do, called to ask if I was alright. She said to me it’s not like you to post on companies facebook page without a reason.

So after a few days I saw on their facebook page that I was not alone in the issue I was having with the company. People who order months before me where looking for a refund of product that they didn’t get. Were told that Makeup Revolution don’t do refunds. That just hurt my heart that people who works hard for the money to spend with them could not get a refund.


Here we are in March and the orders never came.

I see great reviews all over the internet and never see a bad review. Well here is the bad review.

If you have the extra money to waste go ahead and spend it. If you don’t save up for a real naked palette or that too faced palette. Cause its not worth the heart ache and bs dealing with their customer service.
Makeup Revolution is you are reading this work on your customer service. The customers are your bread and butter.



(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


2 thoughts on “Samantha Talks: My Experience With Makeup Revolution London

  1. Hey Samantha! I am from India. I too placed 2 orders with Makeup revolution on, one on July 30th & another on September 9th. Both have not arrived yet!!!! The Customer service is so slow & rude. In the time they waste arguing with the customer, they can as well give the information & end the entire conversation with 2 emails!! Instead it is endless begging & pleading on my behalf because the Reference numbers for my order is wrong. if I want to contact Royal Mail to see what’s going on, I cannot as I still don’t have it because they cannot even look up a stupid little number & type it,but they will have all the time in the world to argue!! I don’t think I have grovelled like this for anything!! Still no numbers. They refund orders, but not the shipping!! And it is 8 pounds per package!! That’s 16 pounds down the drain!! On top of that, I am sooo sad I did not receive the makeup!! I was really looking forward to it!! Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup, I Heart Makeup etc., sell at almost 3 times the price in my country!! So I can’t even buy it here!! Why do the even have a customer service!! I don’t think I have ever encountered such bad service… I was truly looking forward to taking advantage of their Christmas sale deals…

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