Fall Haul 2015: Japan, Dollarama, Superstore, Girlybits, Lush Cosmetics, THEFACESHOP, Bath And Body Works, Nintendo And Book Haul

Hello All You Beautiful People,

I have decide to start posting haul four times a year since I am trying to bring more reviews. Also a quick change for cruelty free products will feature a bunny on the photo and for empties post will have a CF for cruelty free products.  So on with the haul.

First stop is Japan.

I won a pikachu bath towel in a japan lottery.

 I won this sailor uranus hand cloth in a japan lottery.

 I got this Hipitch cleansing oil refill for my DCH princess bottle.

 My friend sent me these extras. Sweet potato kit kat and a hamster goodies.

Comes with a note card, stickers and gum.


I got a maiden perfume which was inspired by Miss Dior, lace hair ties and Banana split body butter.


 I bought two packages of gum in coconut lime and birthday cake.  Which tasted good. The best thing about the gum is that the money goes to non profit organizations.

I picked up colgate total toothpaste in fresh strip and secret deodorant in baby powder.

Husband goes to superstore

 My husband picked up Ombra foam bath in rose green tea. It smelled like floor cleaner. I recommend not buying this scent.

 My husband got this gift set for free for me. He didn’t notice it was a for him set. As I said many times before he doesn’t know about men product lines. He just buys what he likes.

Last item he picked up for me was the huge bottle of Pantene ultimate 10 BB conditioner.


 So in my canadian swap group we decide to do a custom order with Girlybits. So we could have a special nail polish. The one on the left is a coral holo named angels at sunrise for all the lovely ladies in our group that passed away this year. The one on the right is turquoise with a shatter glitter called oceans apart.

In two weeks I will have them posted on my instagram Don’tswatchsoclosetome.

Lush Cosmetics

At lush cosmetics I picked up a 100 ml rose jam shower gel and trade in 5 empty black pots for a free fresh mask Cranberry.


 I saw this really cute set while I was at THEFACESHOP. I love new york and was going to buy masks anyways. So I thought why not.  It cost about 8 dollars and I use my beauty circle points to pay for it.

 It came with two pomergranate paper face masks and acerola herb day cleasing foam which is great for all skin types.

Bath And Body Works

 I picked up 3 body sprays and a winter wonderland hand santizer. I really did not like sweet cinnamon pumpkin. It smelled nothing like pumpkin but did smell like iced tea.


 I bought Aventure Bar Story game off the nintendo online store. I am so far enjoying the game.

Book Haul

 The miniaturist by Jessie Burton. 

 The dragon keeper by Robin Hobb. The first book in the rain wild chronicles.

The First 3 books in the rogue agent series by K.E. Mills.  The accidental sorcerer, witches incorporated and wizard squared.

The complete Icefire trilogy by Patty Jansen. The books are fire &ice, blood & tears and dust & rain.

Dorothy must die by Danielle Paige. The first book in the Dorothy must die series.

After Cilmeri box set by Sarah Woodbury. The books are daughter of time, footsteps of time, winds of time and prince of time.

When the snow falls by Fern Micheals, Nancy Bush, Rosanna Chiofalo and Lin Stepp.

The jew store by Stella Suberman.

Cherry blossom winter by Jennifer Maruno. Book 2 in the cherry blossom series.




I got the first and second book of the demon hunters series, ascension and deception by A.S. Fenichel.

























 The first and second book of the mortality doctrine series. The eye of minds and the rule of thoughts by James Dashner. 




 (Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)



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