September Haul 2015: Food, Daiso, HMart,Lush And Shopping With My Sister

Hello Everyone,

I went a few days ago shopping with my sister. We went to quite a few places. So lets get on with the blog post.

 First me and my sister picked up a bite to eat before going to Richmond. Where the Daiso store is in the Aberdeen Centre. I decided on getting some Arby’s. It’s been a while for me eating at Arby’s. I got a Philly style roast beef sandwich meal. It was  delicious.

 My sister wanted to go Menchie’s. She was payed for mine. I have never gone out of my way to eat frozen yogurt from a place like this.  It was yummy. I got the new york cheesecake yogurt.

While we were at Menchie’s. I notice that they sold lip balm. I got two in cinnamon bun and peachy keen.

Then we went to the daiso store and here is what I picked up.

I bought 180 cotton pads for 2 dollars. They are just as soft as the ones from Shiseido.

I got this cute container for 2 dollars. I know it’s for stationery.  I decide to use it for my small makeup brushes and sponges.

Here is what it looks like inside.

My sister spotted these cute lace makeup bags. I am going to use mine for holding my ipod and the odd lip balm.

This is one of my fave. candies. I stop eating them after watching the graves of fireflies movie. After that movie they came in the tin with the girl on them. Every time I saw one it would make me cry all over again.

I picked up miso soup packages.  I love miso soup and go out of my way to have it during the fall and winter season. I decide to try and use  instant miso soup and see if I like it.

I picked up these pop flavour gummie candies. It is a mix of Japan fave. soda flavours.

I picked up this set of lip balm and lip gloss in wild honeysuckle.

Last item I picked up at Daiso is this package of milk caramels.

At H Mart I picked up two bags of mini green tea kit kats for only 2.98.

On to the lush cosmetics haul.

I picked up 100 ml and 250 ml of Lord of Misrule Shower cream. I bought one for myself and the smaller one for my oldest daughter. It reminds me of viktor & rolf  flowerbomb meets fig newtons. I love the scent.

 I got two samples. Angels on bare skin and sexy peel soap. I love the small soap samples for when the soap is out at a bathroom in a public mall. So in the lush shampoo tin. I carry my mini soaps.

 I went to the lush store and picked up cosmetic warrior face mask.

Here is what the mask looks like.

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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