June Haul 2015

Hello All You Beautiful People,

Today I will be talking about what I bought in the month of June. So lets get started.

 First I picked up at superstore was the almay smart shade butter kiss in pink for light skin tone.

 I decide to provide swatches. On the top we have pink-light and on the bottom we have red-light.

 At Dollarama and shoppers. I bought Nivea Invisible black & white roll on deodorant. I will never go back to stick deodorant again. I also picked up the dove body spray in the scent of cucumber and green tea.

The following items. I got for free from the lush event with the gift cards they gave us. I decide to go out of my comfort zone and buy products that I would not buy or normally buy from lush.

 I picked up The greench deodrant powder and the Vanilla puff shower powder. I love both products and will have a review of them in the future.

 I picked up a replacement for my body butter tin and I got the new brazilliant shampoo bar.

 I picked up pink fun and godmother soap.

 I picked up salted caramel and dark blood orange chocolate from Godiva. This chocolate is so amazing.

These items I got from Japan. Some of the goodies where add by my amazing sister.

 I picked up the amazing DHC from Japan. Sadly we no longer have a canadian online DHC anymore and I don’t like buy through amazon.

 Here is what the bottle looks like.

 I went to one of the many japanese anime stores here in the metrotown mall.  Got this not book that remind me of a kate spade one for only 1.50.  Perfect for all the future blog ideas that you will see here.

I picked up this vanilla sundae cupcake from cupcakes. I use to watch that show on tv. It was delicious.

I also did a bit of lush shopping for myself.

 I picked up Dark Angels face and body cleanser, charity pot body lotion and Life’s a beach.

 I also got cupcake face mask.

They were kind for making me these samples of rub rub rub and ocean salt.

I also bought the love soap and shark fin soap but I am not using them at the moment. So I won’t have any pictures at this point.

Some how I went to shoppers again.

 I picked up two esscence dry drops which I love. Next to opi dry drops this is my other fave. for dry drops.

 I also picked up essence like a walk in the summer rain perfume.

 I picked up apple peeling cleanser. This stuff is amazing.  I never knew that I had that much dead skin on my face. My face skin has never been this soft before.

 I bought these 3 body sprays from Bath and body works for 10 dollars.

Last item I bought was Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen.

Next haul will be in August. So enjoy you weekend and what amazing products did you buy in the month of June?

(Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.) 


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