Fantasy Book Review: Clothar The Frank By Jake Whyte

About the book: (Goodreads)

In Clothar the Frank, the first novel of a two-book miniseries called The Golden Eagle (a companion series to A Dream of Eagles), Jack Whyte invites us to explore his cast of fascinating characters during the reign and tragic downfall of the Riothamus Arthur, High King of All Britain. From Gaul, now the land of the Franks, comes young Clothar, the son of one king and the nephew of another. He has just survived a fierce civil war in Benwick, the land of his childhood — a war involving his own family, pitting brother against brother — to discover that his fate is not in his own hands. Instead it rests with his teacher and mentor, the renowned and powerful Bishop Germanus; Germanus’s old friend, the elusive and enigmatic Caius Merlyn Britannicus; and Merlyn’s young ward, the future king, Arthur Pendragon. Clothar’s story is the story of Lancelot — his past, his loves, his loyalty and his role as King Arthur’s friend and betrayer.

My thoughts:


I love the fact this book is the life before he becomes King Arthur’s Lancelot. How he knew the queen before Arthur and so on. I don’t want to give too much away with this book.

I enjoyed it so much I feel a reread of the dream of eagles series is coming soon.

I gave this book 3 stars out of 5 stars.

(Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.) 


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