April Haul 2015

Hello Everyone,

I am going to be showing my hauls and empties for the next few weeks to catch up with them. Then I got so products reviews and my lipstick destash. So lets get started.

First I went to walmart and bought this covergirl clean oil-control foundation in the shade 505 Ivory.

 Then my husband decide we are going to the target closing sale and he was going to buy me a few beauty products.

 So I got the Jergens bb body which I use every summer.

 I got the l’oreal excellence cream in the shade E46 copper red brown.

 I got this Sonia Kashuk brow palette.

 I got Sonia Kashuk body spray in pink Innocenica.

 I got Sonia Kashuk clear eyebrow gel.

 I got Sonia Kashuk foundation stick in shade 11 Alabaster.

All the stuff from target cost  20 dollars.

Then I went to shoppers drug mart. I need to stock up on cleaning brush product but bought so much more.

 I picked up Quo brush cleaner and shampoo.

 I picked up two bottles of soap & glory the righteous butter lotion for 3.77 per a bottle. Then I found out that they were not going to sell the lotions in Canada any more. The horror of the thought of not having the lotions.  At least we still have the body butters.

 I picked up a Nintendo 2ds which I fully blame on my husband but got it for free by using my points  and it was on sale for 99 dollars. Victory.  My system from when the first 3ds clock died and I could not play games like animal crossing or games where the natural time was important.  Now that I think of it was probably a good idea that I listen to my husband for this one.

Then I picked up two nail polishes. One of them my husband strongly suggest that I get. Since he thought out of all the nail polishes that I own this would be the star and a must for my collection. I think I am rubbing on my husband.  Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I will have to wait and see.

 I picked up Princess Peach from the Fairies and Princess collection.  Yes this is the polish that my husband thought was the master piece of all nail polishes.

You can get this polish here: Princess Peach

His fave. brand is the devil wears polish. If anyone wants to know.

As you probably can tell yes I am a my little pony fan.

 I picked up  string of  violets from the Alice in wonderland collection part 2.

You can get this polish here: String of violets

 I bought this last month on ebay and it came in April.  I picked up etude house milk talk shower gel in the scents apple and chocolate.

I picked up Fantasy life. Finally it is mine after the long search of 5 months. I don’t buy games very often. This is the first time in 3 year that I went out and bought myself a game since I have so many from the ds system that I have yet to play.

That is all for this haul. See you in two weeks with my may month haul.

 (Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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