What I bought in January 2015

Hello All You Beautiful People,

I have sure been a busy person this month.  Lets see what I did so far. I won a giveaway which I will post next month. I have gotten my replacement kobo since the battery died on the one that was only 6 months old. I got a romantic breakfast in bed  made by my husband in bed for Valentine’s day. It was a really cute omelet shape like a heart.  I have done a pay it forward by giving away unused products that I would not be using to the amazing ladies in my group.  This week I will be getting my wisdom teeth taken out all 4 of them.

So enough about me. Lets get one to what I bought for January.

 First item I bought in the month of January is this Laura Mercier nail polish in the color butterfly wings. I got it from winners it was 9 dollars and it was normally 25 dollars.

Here is the color. It’s a lovely bronze color with a hint of red.

 Then I went to sephora with my sister. She want the chocolate palette by Too faced. This is wear I found Kat Von D lipstick in the shade Celebutard for 11 dollars. I bought two of them. Due to the name offend people the name was never used again. It you love this lipstick you can find it under it’s new name Noble.

 Then I went to david’s tea to pick up my free 50 g tea. I also saw this discount healthy collection.

 It came with 10 bags for loose tea. I like the tea bags when I have company over.

 The teas that where in the set were Detox, Long Life Oolong and Japanese Sencha.

 This is what I got for my free tea keylime. This will be yummy as a iced tea drink. Can’t wait for spring or summer.

 Then I went to my local mac store to see if they had any of the colors from there normal collection that I wear often. I found they had one of the creme in your coffee.

The other colors I wear in case you are wondering are half and half and all the other viva glams which are the hardest to find.

 I know I said I was not going to shop at bath and body works but after my husband broke my soap dispenser x 3. I decide to just buy the foam soap at bath and body works. It is cheaper then having to pay 16 to 30 dollars to buy a new soap dispenser each time.

 I got the love addict body lotion from victora secret but the price and it being my fave. fruit scent was too much to resist temptations. It was 6 dollars.

 I went to Sakura Media with my sister and decide to pick this up. I end up getting Saturn. I was hoping for pluto since I am a big sailor pluto fan but really I am a big other scouts fan. So she will find a good home on my book shelf.

That is all I bought last month.

(Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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