Meme Box Review IT And Win It Prize And Review: 3 Step Foam Toner Lotion Set

Hello Everyone,

I applied to review and win the step for my own personal use. What drew me to the set is the fact that it looks like my fave. skin care 3 step by Clinique. Well move over clinique there is a new set in town that has stolen my heart and my face.

 Here is the set  in the boxes. It is made by the Macqueen company. This set is a 6 harmful chemical free. This set is made with natural product that smell amazing but not everything is a bed of roses. I will go through each one and if there is a problem with the product I will let you know.

Here they are in all their amazing glory.

The Face wash: The face wash is smells fantastic but there is on dark secret that it’s hiding. It’s a bit watery. There I have said it. The face wash is fantastic but watery. Even though its one of it flaws. It still foams up nicely and cleans the face beautifully.

The toner and the lotion: There is nothing wrong with these two items. They both smell lovely like roses and honey. The plastic cap on the lotion is really tight but that is about it.

So if you want to buy this set or looking for more info then I have provide then you can check out the link here 3 steps Foam Toner and Lotion.

The set retails for 89 dollars us but right now there are having a deal for 53 dollars us.

(Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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