Adult Book Review: Bird’s Eye View By Elinor Florence

Hello Everyone,

I won this book in a goodreads giveaway. This is the first time I have ever entered a goodreads giveaway. So I was so excited to win a copy of this book. So let down to the review.

This Book is about a woman name Rose Jolliffe. Who is a idealistic young woman living on a farm with her family in Tourchwood, Saskatchewan. After Canada declares war against Germany in World War II, she joins the British Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. Where she is chosen to work as a

an aerial photographic interpreter. Rose during the war falls in love with her commanding officer, Gideon Fowler. Who is a married man.  

My thoughts about this book:

We follow Rose from the beginning of the war to the end of the war which I liked. I felt as the years went by during the war there is a big character development of Rose. I didn’t like the love affair of Rose and Gideon but I see it was need to get Rose from point a to point b. 

My fave. part of the book is when Rose and June walks into a store to buy a newspaper and June gives a child a orange and the child has never in his life seen a orange or tasted one. It really touched my heart.  I will never forget that scene as long as shall lived.

I gave this book 3 stars out of 5 stars.

(Disclaimer:  otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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