Book Review: The Daring Heart Of David Living Stone By Jay Milbrandt

Hello Everyone,

Today I am doing a book review. I like to mention this book was provide to me for free from Thomas Nelson Publishing.  This book was provide to me for a honest review.

About the book:

The story is about the life of David Livingstone, a British explorer and a person of great important against the use of slaves. You follow him for through Africa as he talks to the people and finds out what is going on and how can he help them.

My thoughts about the book:

So lets started with what I like about the book. I like that it set in a very important time. Which at that time owning slaves was a big thing in the states. He stood up and said we should not support America with trade goods cause we are condoning slave labor our selves. Which I thought was a powerful theme.

What I didn’t like about the book:

Is that it only mention him growing up in Africa and didn’t really touch base on how that made him feel and lead him to where is was as a adult. I also feel that there should have been more about his wife and their children. I know the book was about David Livingstone and not about his family but I really didn’t get much of a feel of what kind of person David Livingstone was.

Overall It was a good read for anyone like me who is interested in famous people back then and the good they did in their times.

I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars.


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