Sponsor Post: One Direction Makeup Set: Up All Night Collection

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here to talk about the One Direction limited edition makeup set up all night that I receive for free.  Which I am happy to get. Since I buy 98% of my own products. So lets get down to what I think of the items and what they look like.

 So here is what the box looks like.

 Here is the back of the box showing what product it came with.

 The card that came with it.

 On the back of the card. It shows the three different set.

 Here was what the tin looks like. I love the look of the brick.

 Here is what it looks like in side. As you can tell I am having a tin box fail here. It looks like both sides where to hook on the sides together.

 On one side on the tin. It show 3 different eye looks you can get with the palette.

 Here they all the products.

 First items we have is the lipgloss called Taken. Its a nice pwerhouse pink color. That turn orange in UV light. I found it a little gritty due to the glitter in the gloss but over all I loved it.

Here is the swatch of it.

 What it looked on my lips.

 The lipstick is called I should have kissed you in a creme bubblegum color. I really love the color on me. I normally don’t go to bright colors but wow it looked great on me.

Here is a swatch of it.

Here is what it looked like on me.

Here we have the mascara name Little black dress which is a black mascara. Eye liner pencil and body crayon called Stand Up in a denim blue.

Swatch of the eye and body crayon.

Aqua blue nail polish in the shade NA NA Na. With flash.

Without Flash.

 Now we are on the eyeshadow palette. From the front.

 Names of the colors from the back.

 The palette colors open. I want to note before I show the swatches. That I really did not like the makeup brush in this palette.

 Colors from left to right:

Up All Night: Sapphire glitter creme

Another World : Royal Blue Shimmer

Save You Tonight: Shimmer Turquoise Blue. This was my fave. color of the 3.

 From left to right:

Gotta Be You: Silvered Taupe Shimmer. I found this more a matte then a shimmer eyeshadow.

More Than This: Soft Blushing Pink (Matte)

Love both of these colors.

 The stencil set.

 The 5 stencils that it came with.

What did I love about this set:

Lipstick, eyeshadow palette, Lip gloss and nail polish.

What could I have lived without in this set:

Mascara, eye crayon and stencils.

Did you buy this set and if so What did you love?

This set is out in the US in Macy stores.

For more info of this set. Head over to the facebook page for this set. Just click on the link.

(Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)



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