Samantha Does Vancouver Imats 2014

Hello Everyone,

I went to Imats just yesterday. So I thought I would share what I got and in 3 weeks I will have a review of my first product. So every 3 weeks from now on I will post a product review.

Imats was okay. It mainly seem like a place just to buy high end product for a discounted price. I was disappointed that they only had 3 high end brands. A lot of the vendors where just online stores.

The three high end brands were Make up Forever, Lit cosmetics and Gleam By Melanie Mills.

I didn’t buy anything for myself from MUFE cause they were sold out within 15 mins. Only have brow gel and foundation left. I was looking forward to giving something away this month from them but that was a bust.

Anyways lets get on with what I bought from Imats.

 First thing I bought was this 9 piece brush set for 20 dollars. Royal & Langnickel brushes. I have a 20% discount code from Imats. Code is Imats23.

 Second thing I bought was two lip and cheek products from Kryolan. I love the lip products from this brand. I got the shades Lilly and Petunia.

 I got a free nail polish for spending 25 dollars.

 The color is Pink Clarity.

 I bought a Lit kit in the color champagne wishes and Madonna (solid) 2 got both for 15 dollars.

Lit cosmetics is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta. The company was created in 2001 by Jodie Perks. The company motto is no glitter, no glory.

Here is the link to there website.

Lit Cosmetics

You can also buy their product at sephora.

 Unfortunly my lit glitter in the color Madonna lid and sift where no on tight and after picking in up to put it with my other lit glitters. I ended up with the best glitter bomb. As you can see its a amazing color. I contacted them and they will replace it. How wonderful of them. I am going to mail it to them.

 I bought this lip radiance in the shade Pop My Cork. I was a bit disappointed when I went that they didn’t have the shade With My Heels On. I will have to buy that next year when I buy the body radiance in the color rose gold.

This company was started by makeup artist Melanie Mills. Who wanted a product to help even out blotchy spray tans or instantly bronze skin without a spray tan, all while deeply moisturizing and making skin glow for the cameras on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

I got to meet her in person and let me tell you she was amazing. I will like the website down below.

Gleam By Melanie Mills

 I got this every drop beauty spatula for 6 dollars. Don’t mind the 8 dollars tag. They price it twice so I got the lowest price.

I got a free sample of Ben Nye Stage Blood.

(Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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