Etsy Canada: Lil Lux Soap Works

Hello Everyone,

Lately I have been enjoy shopping on etsy. I ran across Lil Lux Soap works. What made me notice this store was the whipped sugar scrub and the prices. So lets see what I bought from the Lil Lux Soap Works.

I got these lovely samples of the soap in sex on the beach and Pina Colada. I love the way the soap looks like colored glass. The soap is sold for 2.88 canada for 3 oz or 95 grams.

The first item I bought is the Sable Island Surf bath bomb. It smells amazing. It cost 1.89 for a 3 oz bath bomb.

Next I bought a Satsuma bath bomb. I am not a big satsuma scent fan but I don’t mind it in a bath bomb. This also was 1.89.

 I love the logo is a flower. I think its a sunflower but I could be wrong.

 I bought whipped sugar scrub in the scent in Sex on the Beach. This is the product that got me in the store. Its a 2 oz jar for 2.79. I decide to use this product as my face scrub. It smells amazing.

 Here is what the product looks like in the jar.

 Last item I bought was the whipped cream soap. 2 oz jar for 2.79.

Here what it looks like in the jar.

I asked Teresa the owner of Lil Lux Soapworks a few questions and here there are.

What made you start your own etsy store?

 I started my store as an add on to my current business, which includes selling my hand made products through local farm markets, home parties, and small, carefully selected retailers. As my products got out there over the past couple years, some of my customers have moved, or have given my products as gifts to folks who live outside my current selling area, and so were messaging me on facebook ( ) to get products sent out. That mostly worked, but we were looking for an easier option with better tracking, and so the Etsy store was born.
Making the products has been the easy part for me… I love doing it. I often tell people “It’s like cooking that doesn’t make me fat.” 🙂 I have been doing it for many years as a hobby, and now do my hobby for a living. It’s really great to be able to do what you love, and to be able to provide a little luxury to my customers!

Shipping cost to Canada is 8.95 and for my America friends 13.95. 

So check out her etsy store here.

I will have a product review of all the product feature in this blog in 3 weeks time.

(Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, all items in my blog posts have been purchased by me for my own personal use and not sent to me by companies for reviews.)


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