Sponsor Post: February Glam box LLC 2014

Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is about February Glam box. This box was kindly paid for by Glam Box LLC. The only thing I paid for was the shipping.

So here are all the goodies inside the box.

Here are the brands in the box.

First we have a bit of heaven heart shape cookie. Well almost a heart shape cookie. It was very good with out being too sweet. Price of this cookie is 1.25.

Next we have Sandi pop heart shape chocolate pop. The Value of this item is 2.50.

We got these two paper samples. There really is no value when it comes to paper samples.

From left to bottom right:

We have Simple Aroma Candle. Which has been pretty much every box we have seen so far. Their Value is 1.58 for 2 candles.

Next we have Krista’s Candles tea light. Value of this item is $0.75.

Then last we have Jilly Beans Creative Expressions sugar scrub cube. Perfect for traveling. The value of it is 1.50.

 Then we have a wonderful pack from Jamberry nails. I don’t know the value of this.

 Then we got Heart Felt Insprations Zesty Lemon Lotion Bar. The Value of this is 1.25.

 Next we have Smelly Good N Pretties nail polish in the shade Hypo Manic. The value of it is 5.00.

 Next is Bear’s Beauty Body Butter. The Value is 2.66.

 Next is BA Star Pro Makeup palette in Spicy Natural. The Value of this palette is 8.75. I am looking at the moment in getting two of their colorful palette in Tropical and Spirit.

 Last item we have is For You From Me By Johnna. The value of these 3 hair bands are 2.24.

The total value of the box is 27.48 US dollars.The value is not fantastic. I am happy with the mix of items.

My Top 3 item list:

1.Hair ties by For you from me by Johnna

2.Hypo Manic by Smelly Good and pretties

3.Jamberry nail sample

Now how can I get my hands on this box and how much is it going to cost part of the blog.

What is going to cost me?

For the USA monthly boxes will be 14.95 at month.

For Canada monthly boxes will be 20 dollars US

For a one time box
19.95 USA

25 Dollars US for Canada

These  prices included shipping.

Where can I get my hand one on?

Glam boxes

When you signed up don’t forget to say Samantha Clysdale sent you.

(Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise. The company gave me this box for free. All I did was pay for the shipping.)


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