Etsy: Pretty Velvet Stardust Aurora Palette

Hello Everyone,


Today post will be about my custom palette Aurora that I order for the etsy store Pretty Velvet Stardust.


( Warning: See this palette might make you think you have the power to sing and dance with woodland animals or think that if you sleep for a hundred years that you will meet your prince. We advise that you don’t cause we can’t confirm you will meet you ideal prince after 100 years sleep.)


On with the palette.



This is what the box looks like it came in.



This it the palette looks like on the outside.


Here is the inside of the palette.

From left to right I will name the shades. The first one we have is Make it Pink: is a vibrant dusty pink. Next we have Briar Rose: A deep cherry red with chocolate brown undertones. Then we have Walking in the woods : is a warm, shimmery peach with pink undertones. Finally we have Royal Crown: a high sheen gold base with lots of sparkly gold shimmer.




without flash


with Flash


My thoughts of the palette:


I also love this palette. The only color I was not too crazy about is Make it Pink since I have fair skin with really pink undertones.



Here is the etsy store where you can customize your very own. PrettyVelvetStardust . Customs is 18 Us.



(Disclaimer: I bought this palette with my own money. Unless stated otherwise.)




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