Product Review: Korres Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturising & Brightening cream

Hello Everyone,

Today’s blog post will be a product review of Korres Wild Rose 24 hour moisturizer. I got this sample in the mail for FREE. yes for free. Its a 5 ml sample which I used and it gave me a good idea about it. So one to the product review.

Here is what the box looks like.
Here is what the packaging looks like.

Pros and cons time.


  • It was nicely scented.
  • It was a prefect for night time and day time. 
  • It absorbed with no problems.


  • The price is the big one. Its 44 dollars in Canada for a 42 ml. That is a 1.05 per a ml. 

 Due to the price of this product I won’t be buy it unless I am treating myself. 4/5

(Disclaimer: I got this item for free unless stated otherwise.)


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