Product Review: Balea 3 in 1 Cleansing cloths

Hello Everyone,


Today’s blog post is a product review. I like to say that the product in this product review is not for everyone. I have hear some people like it and others hate it.So lets get on with the product review.



So as you can see its a cleansing cloth product. I use these for makeup remover. I like the price and the amount in a box. There are 56 wipes in a box. They go for 9.99 at SDM. Sometimes they are on sale for 6.99. So each wipe cost you $0.17.


I love these wipes. They work the best for my dry, combination and oily skin type. Yes my skin is a weird beast. Dry in the chin and nose area, combination in the cheek area and oily in the t zone. They work better then the other wipes for me. The price is also right. You can get refills of 2 packages for 16.99 or on sale for 9.99. I made a mistake last week when buy refills of this. I ended up buy the exfoliating facial wipes which I have never seen before or tried. Can you say another product review. I bet you can. So on to the twins or as I call them in this blog Pro and Con.



  • The wipes feel like butter.
  • They stay moist for a long time.
  • The smell nice.
  • The price of course is a big pro for me.





  • Do not squeezed wipe when removing eye makeup you will get a lovely eye burning experience. Ouch.



So over all I would have to give it a 4.5/5. I love it but the eye burning is a downside in my books.


(Disclaimer: I bought this item with my own money.Note: I did not end up with a red eye during the eye burning.)


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