Product Review: Miyu De-stress MI Beauty Essence

Hello Everyone,


Today’s blog post is a product review. About in august I won a Miyu prize. Which I was excited about. I talked all the time about this brand to my fellow Canadians. I was lucky enough to win it. Anyways I want to talk about the brand first before we get into my review of it.



Miyu Beauty is a Canadian brand. They are cruelty free and leaping bunny certified.  They make facial mist and teas.



 So if came in this pretty box.

Here is what the bottle looks like. I really love the look of the bottle and it was simple to use.


Its made for all skin types. It can be used as a serum or a facial mist spray. This one is made of peppermint,dandelion,ginger,licorice and honeysuckle. This is great for when you are traveling. I am only half way through the bottle and hope to finish it in the next few months.


The pros and cons section of our blog.



  • It smells really nice
  • Made my skin feel refreshed when I need it the most.
  • I love the packaging.
  • No bunnies were harmed.



  •  The packaging is not recyclable.



So overall I give the product a 4/5.


(Disclaimer: I won this product with another spray and two boxes of tea.)




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