Boxing Day Haul for 2013

Hello Everyone,

This post will be about my boxing day haul.

First item I bought is a Vine Vera Manicure set for 80 dollars. Their parent company is Oro Gold.

Comes with a hand and body lotion, nail buffer, nail file and cuticle oil. The best thing is the buffer will that the yellow out of your nail and lines. The buffer has a 2 year replacement warranty. The cuticle oil has a one free bottle replacement. After buying this and using it on a week to week bases I notice my nail look healthy and they grow longer with out my nail breaking or chipping.

Then I went to Funk & Frost and got NYX products. I got the runway collection palette in Jazz night, eyeliner pencil in Velvet and liquid eye liner in crystal gold.

Palette was 2 dollars, eye pencil was 3.99 and eye liner was one dollar.

Eye liner in Velvet
eye liner in gold

Jazz Night palette

So the next stop on my shop was Bath and Body Works.

I picked up Merry Marshmallow Kiss triple body cream for 4.50.

Then I swing by Walmart

I picked up this toothpaste and foot scrub in Lemon & Sage.

Toothpaste was 2 dollars and the foot scrub was 2.99.

Next stop and Last stop is Sephora.

 I picked up 5 shower gel caps to look for my new fave. shower gel. Since finding Ombra Citrus and Sage shower gel is like a needle in a haystack. I also picked up a sample of Urban Decay Naked Foundation in the shade o.5.

Last but not least. I use 100 points to get this roll on in Hanae Mori.

(Disclaimer: I bought the items in this blog unless stated otherwise.)


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