What I won from Miracle 10 and Topbox

Hello Everyone,

I have now decide on my blog posting days. So from now on Monday and Friday will be the days I put on new blog post and every other Wednesday. So one week 2 post and every other week 3 post.

I also for the next few months will not be buying makeup its due to the fact. I will be having to move from my area. In the past 2 months I have had my car broken in twice. I do have lots of products reviews and DIY projects and older items to talk about in the next 4 months. After I do the move I will go back to blogging and buying items.

I also lost photos for the past two weeks. So I won’t be posting anything I got from February 14 to this point. Which is a pain. I will be retake those photos as I go along.

I am also turning 32 at the end of this month.

So without further delay here is Monday blog post.

So back in January I won a Miracle 10 skin care prize pack.

So here it is. It came with a toner, Aha cream, Night cream and light serum.

Here is the Cleanser 1.

I would show it in the lovely white and pink boxes. Sadly Canada post was not kind to it. The cleanser leaked all over the boxes.

The Value of the prize I won is 265 dollars.

My fave. product I have so far use is the light serum. Which after I am done it. I will be re-buying it.

(Disclaimer: I won the product with Topbox and Miracle 10.)


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