Project Pan: February Empties 2014

Hello Everyone,

Another month has gone by. So here are some of the goodies I have use in the month of February.


So the first group is tea. I love tea. I drink two cups a day. So this is what a drank in February.

Twining Fresh & Fruity in Strawberry & Mango: I really love this tea. I got it in a swap. So as you can see I only drank one bag of it.

Tim Hortons Pumpkin Spice: This has been my fave. tea since it first came out. Every year I buy 6 boxes of it to last me the year.

President Choice tea in Tropical Green Tea: This one I will not be re-buying. I found it did not have taste like fruit tea. To me it just tasted like plain green tea.

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Sampler: I really like this green tea. I have a few other green teas to drink but I will be re-buying after I finish those ones.


Home is where the heart is. So why not make your home smell like heaven.

Febreze to go Extra Strength Spray: I got this in a p&G free box. I like the smell of it. It was great to have for in the bed room to freshen the sheets.

Bath & Body Works Wallflowers in Twilight wood and White Barn: I love the wallflowers as you can tell. I will re-buy these. This month my husband went out for the first time to bath and body works. I will show you what wallflowers he picked up for me.

Oral Care 

Crest Pro Health: This is my husband’s empty this month. He will be join my in empty product and showing what he likes to use. He did re-buy this brand.

Arm & Hammer Complete Care Gel: I really love this one. When I went to re-buy it. I could not find it. So I picked up different one. This toothpaste states it will reverse early signs of tooth decay which it did for me. I was amazed at how it worked. Took 3 weeks of brushing twice a day for me to notice.

Bath Time

I love nothing better then a hot bath.

Body Shop Shower Gel in Dewberry: I didn’t like the scent at all. I will not be re-buying it.

Body Shop Shower gel in Indian Night Jasmine: I love this scent. I will be re-buying this. I recommend this to people who love spicy formal scents.

LIP Products 

Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry: I like this product. I will not be re-buying base on the price of it.

Kona Kare French Vanilla Lip Balm: I love this product. Its a Canadian company that offers lip balm and now body butters. It was sweet with out being too sweet. I will be re-buying when I finish the other 3.

The Eyes Have IT

e.l.f. Essential Lengthening & Defining Mascara: I really love this mascara. It length and separated my lashes so they didn’t clump together. The down side is its not waterproof. I will re-buy it.

Give Me That Hair

Evolvh Conditioner: Hit

Clear Scalp & Hair Conditioner : A miss.

H20  Bath Aquatics: A hit.

There is not much of product to really tell what it did for my hair.

So this month I use:

10 full size items

 5 Deluxe size samples

2 foil and vial samples

What can I spend this upcoming month and what will go into the food bank jar:

10 x 1 dollar = 10 dollars

5 x 50 cents =2.50

2 x 25 cents =0.50

So total spending this month is:20.00

What I spent this month:

3 essence eye shadows: 8 dollars

Avon order : 12.00

So I have -8.25 to spend this month. Which means nothing. lol.

Food bank total so far :37.75

Total items used in 2014: 50

(Disclaimer I bought and used all the items in this blog unless stated other wise.)


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