Daiso Haul AKA Japan Dollarstore

Hello Everyone,


I am for the next month catching up on blog posts. So here is a look at what I bought from Daiso Aka Japan Dollar store


 So here we have a 2 charcoal nose pack for removing black heads and white heads from your nose. A facial cleanser.

 A bath bomb with a frog toy surprise. I love frogs. Also bath powder to make you bath smell like a hot spring. They is very popular in japan for people who don’t have the money to go to a hot spring.

 A black two tier bento box with a place to hold your chopsticks.

 Two stationary sets. One in butterflies and the other in strawberries.

This is my fave. part of the post. We have a bottle of Ramen Melon Soda, two boxes of green tea pocky and finally a package of Hi Chew fruit chew in tropical flavors.


A little about what a Daiso store is. Its a store with items from 2 dollars and up. Ranging from house good to Food items.



(Disclaimer: I bought the items in this blog unless stated.)


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