January’s Empties: Project Pan 2014

Hello Everyone,

Another month has passed. I feel I emptied a lot of products this month. So let take a look.

 Listerine Total care for sensitive teeth: This is a hit I use this one all the time.

Crest Pro Health Multi-protection: This is also a hit. I use this one when my Listerine is sold out.

 Herbal essence None of your Frizzness Shampoo and Conditioner: Was a hit for me. It lasted 2 days with out have to shampoo or using anti frizz products. It smelled amazing.

 Tresemme Platinum strength shampoo: It was a miss. I didn’t like the texture or smell.

 Biore Deep cleaning strips: was a hit and miss. It worked 50% of the time.

Simple Toner: was a hit for me. I might buy it again.

Simple cleaser: It was a miss for me. It didn’t really do much for my skin.

Clinic clarifying lotion: Its a big hit for me. I already re-bought it.

Hrydraluron: Is a big miss for me. I reviewed it in my blog.

 Bath and Body works Black Raspberry Vanilla shower gel: Its a miss for me. I could not like the scent.

Body shop Green Apple Shower gel: Miss. It smells like the fake apple scent spray that my friend’s mom use to spray her fake waxed apples with.

Ombra shower gel in Citrus and Sage: Is a big hit for me. It smells so amazing. Its really hard to find in BC. This bottle I have been slowly using for a year. Sadly I have not found a replacement for it. I will keep a eye out for it.

Sephora Shower gel in coconut: It was a big hit for me. I love love the scents of it. I will be picking it up after I use a few more shower gels in my stash.

 Laline body scrub in coconut: A hit. It smelled amazing. It a bit oily if you don’t like oily scrubs.

Julep Pomegranate Body Scrub: A hit. I love the smell of pomegranates. It also was a bit oily.

Neolia Olive Soap: This has been a hit for me in many years of using it. Its my go to soap when my skin is dry or flakey. You can pick it up at Costco 5 bars for 8 to 10 dollars.

Versance eau de perfum: A miss.

Poison by Dior: A miss.

La Vie est Belle Eau Legere by Lancome: A hit.

Dove go sleeveless  deodorant : A hit.

Eye glass cleaner: Its eye glass cleaner.

Skin soothing eye cream: It was a miss. I felt it did nothing.

Deep oil cleansing oil by DHC: it was a hit. Something I will buy in the future to review.

Ultraclaming cleanser by Dermalogica: It was a hit. I will  be looking into buy a big bottle.

Avon glazewear dazzle in sparkling crystal lip gloss: it was a hit for me. It gave the perfect shine I wanted to my lips.

essence Kiss Care Love lip balm: A hit. This product is my second tube.

femme couture prime wear lip stick in party pink: It was a hit for me. I will have to buy another shade of it. I wear it in the spring and winter time.

Kiss me heroine long & Curl mascara: Its a miss. It did nothing for my lashes and made me look like a kiss member after a hour of wearing it.

roberto Cavalli perfume: A hit.

Bath & Body works The big apple wallflower: A big hit. I love it so much it smelled just like apple cider. yum yum.

Calvin Klein Euphora perfume: A hit. I end up buying a 100 ml a few months back from SDM for 20 dollars.

Travel mothwash: see above.

So this month I use:

19 full size items

9 Deluxe size samples

5 foil and vial samples

What can I spend this upcoming month and what will go into the food bank jar:

19 x 1 dollar = 19 dollars

9 x 50 cents = 4.50

5 x 25 cents = 1.25

So total spending this month is: 24.75.

What I spent this month:

3 essence perfumes: 15 dollars

nyx lipstick : 6.00

Julep nail polish: 5.00

So I have -1.25 to spend this month. Which means nothing. lol.

Food bank total so far : 24.75

Not bad this month.

Total items used in 2014:  33

(Disclaimer I bought and used all the items in this blog unless stated other wise.)


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