January 2014: Glam LLC Box

Hello Everyone,

Time for another Glam box unveiling. I will have info about the company down below for people that are interested. So on with what I got.

So this month’s box theme is Star Struck. It came in a red box this month which is my fave. color.

Here are list I received  with the list of companies that may be in my box.

Look how pretty it came.

Wow look at all the goodies in my box. wow I can’t wait to unwrap them.

The first item is handmade 2 oz soap in the scent of Gardenia. Its made by the Big Bear Soap Company. Here is the link.

It goes for 3 dollars US. They only ship to the states.

The next item is this chocolate star. That tasted so amazing. This is the best chocolate pop I have every tasted. Its made by a company called Sandi Pops. Here is the link.

I am going to say the price is 2 US dollars. It could be more and it could be less.

Here we have two tea light candles by Simple Aromas Candles. As you can see I didn’t take them out of the package. I like to keep them in the package till I am ready to use them. I tend to lit candles when I am have a stressful day and need a super amazing bath with candles.  Here is the link to buy some of your very own. 

They offer 124 different scents from candles to tarts. They also have bacon scented candles.

So the value of the 2 candles is 1.25 Us.

The next item in the box is this rose garden rose water mist by Mineral Fountain. I love rose water mists. I use it on my face when I put on my serum and moisturizer. So after I was my face and use my toner. I give it a shake and spray my face with it then apply my serum. The also carry Orange blossom water mist. Rose and orange blossom is my favorite scents. Here is the link to their store.

The value of this item is 3.50 Us for 1 oz. You can pick up the 4 oz bottle for 6.00 US.

The next item is island citrus exfoliating scrub by Hazelbooke. It has a very nice lime scent to it and the scrub is green. Here is the link to the store.

This value of this item is 3 dollars.

The next item is a pocket perfume kit by Vetiver Aromatics. It comes with a dropper, a bottle, coconut oil and 3 essential oils. As most of you know I am a perfume lover/hoarder. I am going to post a blog later on how the kit worked for me.

The value of the kit is 20 dollar usa.

The last and final items is eye primer and eye shadows by BA Star. Here is the link to their store.

The value of all these items is 52.50

The total value of the box is 85.25 US dollars. This is a great value. I am really happy with the items I got in my box.

My Top 3 item list:

1. The Sandi pop.

2. Vetiver perfume pocket kit

3. Mineral Fountain Rose water facial spray

Now how can I get my hands on this box and how much is it going to cost part of the blog.

What is going to cost me?

For the USA monthly boxes will be 14.95 at month.

For Canada monthly boxes will be 20 dollars US

For a one time box
19.95 USA

25 Dollars US for Canada

These  prices included shipping.

Where can I get my hand one on?

Glam boxes

When you signed up don’t forget to say Samantha Clysdale sent you.

(Disclaimer I bought this box with my own money unless stated otherwise.)


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