Avon Haul for Janurary 2014

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be sharing my Avon haul. As you know I like to try all kinds of products from different companies.This blog is about the products I bought from Avon.

So the first item I order was this pair of Vancouver Canucks socks. I really thought they were cute with the pompoms. I am a big Vancouver Canucks fan. They are really soft and warm. They were 7.99 for one pair.

The next thing I order was this clearskin pore penetrating detox mask. I will have a review next month about this products. It cost 4.99. The size is 75 ml.

The next item is the lash conditioner and primer. I have been interested in lash primer since I saw on youtube how vloggers seem to love lash primers so much. So I thought I would buy a cheap on to try and see if I am okay with wearing a primer before I shell out the big bucks for a 30 dollar one. This cost 5.99.

 The last item I picked up was this robin box with cubic zirconia earrings. I really like robins and thought this would be a great box to keep my everyday hoops and studs in on my dresser mirror. This lovely box cost 5 dollars and hold 2 hoops and 5 pairs of studs. With more room to store more.

(Disclaimer: I bought the items in this blog. This order was made last month so its no included in my project pan.)


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