Essence Like a fragrance

Hello Everyone,

Today’s blog will be about the Essence like a fragrances. I pick up all 3 from shoppers drug mart in canada.

 So here is the ones I got like a first day in spring, like a day in a candy shop and like a new love.

This is what they look like in bottles. Please note I only bought the 10 ml bottles.

Okay here we go with info on what is the notes of each fragrance and what I think it smells like.

Like a first day in spring :

Top notes: pineapple, orange and tangerine. Heart: blackberries, praline and rose. Base: sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

To me it smelled like honeydew melons and water lilies. I enjoyed this scent.

Like a day in the candy shop:

 Top notes: peach and orchid. Heart: lilac, jasmine and heliotrope. Base: vanilla, musk and tonka bean.

To me it smelled like sweet tarts or for my American cousin  it smelled like smarties. I enjoyed this scents as well.

Like a new love:

Top notes: mandarin, grapefruit, elemi and red pepper. Heart: peony, rose, hyacinth and peach. Base: coffee, chocolate, vanilla and musk.

To me its smelled like chocolate and caramel. I really love this one.

On to my pros and cons review.


  • Its price is cheap. 10 ml for 4.99 and 50 ml for 9.99. 
  • It comes with a great cap that stay put in my purse.
  • I really like it sprays the right amount you need each time.
  • I really love the packaging. 


  • Not all scents last a long time. Like a new love lasted me the full 24 hours. I was so amazed at this I bought a full bottle.

So that is my review of the essence like a. I look forward to see if they will release the other scents. I am dying to get my hand on like a day in New york.

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(Disclaimer I bought the items in this blog. Unless stated otherwise.)


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