It’s a small lush haul after all.

Hello Everyone,

Today blog is about a small lush haul I picked up. If you are looking for a valentine’s haul. This is not a Valentine’s haul. So sorry. My lush has not gotten their stock in.

So anyways lets get back to it. I went with my sister after we went to see Frozen the movie. Fantastic movie by the way.  So I went to go pick up a bubble bar. I love them better then bubble bath products. I find a little bit goes along way. I can get 8 to 10 uses out of my bubble bar. They were having a buy one get one free on two soaps. I thought why not. I need to buy more soap next month any ways. Why not try some of the soaps in the deals.

So here is what I picked up.

 First item I picked up was the Dorothy bubble bar. It goes for 6.25.

 Here is what the lust soap looks like. The info on lush website: jasmine lovers will want to get their hands on a piece of this action.

 This is what Noriko looks like. Its a soap made out of tofu, rice and sake. Noriko is a popular name for a girl in Japan it means the following:

  • “benevolence child”
  •  “method, law child”
  •  “rule child”
  •  “chronicle child”
  •  “teach child”
  •  “pattern child”
  •  “rule, precedent, ceremony child”
  •  “standard, measure child
  •  “constituion child”

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(Disclaimer: I bought the items in this blog unless stated otherwise.)


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