Gelaskins for my kobo glo

Hello Everyone,

Last month I won a contest from Canadian Gift Guide. I won a 75 gift card from Gelaskins. A company that make hard case and protective skins for electronic devices. They provide for so may devices. I would list them but that could take forever.

So on with the blog. You might what to stay tune cause their is a contest.

This is the skin my daughter picked for her kobo glo.

Here is the one I chosen for my kobo glo.

So before I show you have I did putting the skin on my kobo. Lets talk about the product info.

Gelaskins Info:

  • Its a easy on and off. 
  • Does not leave glue behind.
  • Art Prints for you Digital life.
  • You can create and customs you own skins
  • No scratches: durable anti scratch and anti UV coating

Easy to Apply sets:

  1. Clean the surface of your device with a soft cloth to remove any oil or dirt.
  2. Peel the GelaSkin from its liner and align it to your device.
  3. Press firmly using a soft cloth. Start in the middle and work to the edges.

So lets start at the beginning. Here is the kobo glo skin I am using.

Here is what my kobo glo looks like. If they came out with the red one. It would be red. I love the color red.

 I flipped it over and read the steps.

 I clean my kobo with a slightly damp cloth to clean the oils off the kobo. I started with the back of the kobo. Which was fairly easy to do. I started from the top and worked my way down.

 Here I took the middle of the skin out. Which is not worth keep.

 I started again from the top, stretch out the sides, did the sides, then did the bottom. I used a soft cloth to press them down to prevent air bubbles.

Now my kobo looks sexy and it knows it.

My Kobo glo skin was She who dares by Audrey Kawasaki.

My daughters is Wiggle Kitty by  Tara McPherson.

Contest time:

Giving away She who dares skin for a kobo glo.

This giveaway is worldwide.

The prize is worth 20 usa dollars.

Starts tomorrow and runs till the day of hearts.


Good luck everyone

(Disclaimer I won the items in this blog.)


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