Glam LLC Box December Box

Hello Everyone,

 Sorry I have been away so long. I ended up having by bathroom flooded with water from a pipe.  Which I lost a lot of products. Sadly I had to break my project pan to buy new foundation, face powder, blush and bath bombs.

 On to the blog post about a new USA beauty box that ships to Canada as well. Lets get into it.

 So here what the inside of the box looks like.

On the top of the box comes with a product card of items that could be in the box.

First item in this box is a cute makeup bag which is filled with goodies.

Here are the items in the makeup bag. A compacted mirror, a 6 color lipgloss palette by Ultra, 2 nail polishes

by Bonita. There are opal which is a rose gold color and Cabernet which is a berry color with a pink shimmer. The last polish is a orly polish in the shade shine on crazy diamond which is a holo glitter. Finally there is a perfume sample of bvlgari omnia crystalline.

The value of this part of the box is 7 dollars. Not counting the palette, makeup bag, perfume sample.

Wrapped in bubble wrap is 2 tea lights and Sebastian Whipped Cream conditioning style whip. Which is great for curls and waves. It smells great but be careful the first use will give you a lot of product then you need.

The tea candles are dessert candles in blueberry cheescake. Yummy!

 The value of hair product is $3.46. No price found on the candle.

Then we got this silver box with a cutie flower on it.

Inside there are two nail polish remover pads contains 35 pads in each. One is in tropical and one in lemon. The lemon one is my fave.

 The Value of two two nail polish removers is $1.60.

The final  thing is this nicely wrapped package with this cute yellow bow.

Inside is Red Burst soap in scents of Mint Breeze and Citrus Blast. This is the first items I have use when I got the box. I love this soap it foams up amazing and smells amazing. This items I will buy again after I use the other one I have.

So the value of the two soaps are $4.46

The total value of the items that I know of in this box is $16.52 US

My top 3 items of this box are the following:

1. The Red Burst soap

2. Sebastian Whipped Cream

3. The compact mirror. Lets face it you can never have  enough compact mirrors.

Now how can I get my hands on this box and how much is it going to cost part of the blog.

What is going to cost me?

For the USA monthly boxes will be 14.95 at month.

For Canada monthly boxes will be 20 dollars US

For a one time box
19.95 USA

25 Dollars US for Canada

These  prices included shipping.

Where can I get my hand one on?

Glam boxes

When you signed up don’t forget to say Samantha Clysdale sent you.

The next month box is being shipped out tomorrow. So I will have another blog post about what I get.

(Disclaimer I bought this box with my own money unless stated otherwise.Note I am sorry about the photo quality I am waiting for a part on my camera. Fingers crossed it will get here soon.)


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