Glamour Doll Eye: Fire Breather from the Circus Collection

Hello Everyone,

Today’s blog post will be a look at Glamour Doll Eye loose eyeshadow in Fire Breather.

Its a reddish orange eyeshadow.

Here is the swatch of it.

Glamour Doll Eye sell items like loose eye shadows, nail polish, eye primer, foil me liquid, and blushes.

You can buy grab bags of sample or full size jars. They have a monthly box which is fairly cheap. I enjoy there loose eye shadow due to the fact they make some of them in Vegan shades. They are highly pigmented. So check them out.
Tell me if you would like me to do a giveaway from this brand.

Everyone have a great day I will see you soon and keep smiling.

Here is the link to their website.

(Disclaimer: I bought the item in this blog unless stated otherwise. Note: I will be posting more of my loose eye shadows swatches when I get my new charging cable in for my camera.)


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