BA Star cosmetics

I got a sample from BA Star cosmetics to try.

 Here is there Glitter eyeshadow in Diamond star dust. which you can find here.

We also got their glue shadow base. Which you can find here.

What they look like together.

My review: I really enjoyed the glue shadow base. I can see my self buy it in the future. Since I wear a lot of loose eyeshadow. I can’t see my self rebuying diamond star dust but who knows I will be using it for my crease area.

About BA STAR: They are a makeup company that sells makeup to cheerleader, dancers, competitors & Trend Setters.

 #1 with Cheerleaders, Dancers, Competitors & Trend Setters.

Core Values. Convenience, Value, & Customer Service  
Whether you’re a Top Ranked Competitor or just Starting Out!
Remember, even the Best were “Beginners” 
So, be Creative. Try Something New! Never be Afraid!

Learn from the Experts
We are always here to help with products or application tips. 
Watch the videos or call for personalized service.

Get a Great Deal.
Whether you purchase for a team, studio, school,or yourself .
Create a kit, purchase in bulk or check out our Daily Deals.or Fundraisers.
You’ll find the more you Buy the more you Save!

Its All About You.
Let us Know. What you like! What you want! How We can Help.!

We Love Your Passion and Confidence!
Together, we can reach our Goals & be Successful!

So halloween is coming up and we have a discount for you lovely readers from our friends at BA STAR. 50% Discount code: BBDUST good till sept.30/2013.

I recommend you take the code and buys some goodies. They got some amazing 25 dollars set so half off is 12.50. So what are you waiting for. Halloween and Christmas is only a few months away.

( Disclaimer I got the samples from BA Star. my fave set is Makeup 101 Natural set.)

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