7 Days of color with Transfiguration Cosmetics. Day 1: Freedom of Flight

Today I receive loose eyeshadow samples from up and coming creators Holly and Laura of Transfiguration Cosmetics.

This eyeshadow collection was inspired by the harry potter books.

You can see that it has 3 different colors in this one eyeshadow. Dark purple with medium purple with a hint of green. It is lovely and one color I will have to buy. Its a must own on my listed. 

This eyeshadow is called Freedom of Flight. The card I got reads as follow: Do you remember the first time you flew on a broomstick? I don’t either, but for Harry it was one of the first times he felt truly free.

The ingredients in the eyeshadow is: Mica, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silica.

Here is the link to their Facebook here.

Here is the link to their Etsy Store here. 
(Disclaimer: I got the item in this blog as a sample from Transfiguration Cosmetics. When was the first time you truly felt free? for me it was when I got my job as a baker.)


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